Our Experts


Artan Karini

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., Development Policy and Management (Manchester), MPA, Public Management and Policy (Pittsburgh), B.Ed. (Tirana)
Research Areas: Public policy theory and practice, public sector human resource development and management, good governance

Zhanibek Arynov
Post-Doctoral Scholar

Position: Post-Doctoral Scholar
Education Background: Ph.D., International Relations, 2019, University of St Andrews, UK; MA, International Relations, 2014, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

Research Areas: Central Asian geopolitics and security; EU-Central Asia relations; international identity; image and perception studies

Kanat Abdulla
Post-Doctoral Scholar

Position: Post-Doctoral Scholar
Education Background: Ph.D in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Research Areas: Human capital, Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, Demographic economics, and Good governance

Maxat Kassen

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: Ph.D. in Political Science
Research Areas: Government Information Policies, Open Data Politics, E-Government, Digital Politics, Political Decision Making, Public Sector Innovations, Decentralization and Federalism Studies, Political Communication and International Relations

Hyesong Ha
Assistant Professor

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: Ph.D in Public Affairs, Indiana University, USA
Research Areas: Public Management (Organizational Theory & Behavior, Organizational Performance, Human Resource Management, Employee Empowerment & Performance
Management, Corruption & Ethical Behavior), Policy Analysis (Program Evaluation & Policy Analysis, Health Policy, Child Support Enforcement (CSE), Education Policy)

Weng Tat Hui
Weng Tat Hui specialises in the impact of globalisation on labour markets, economic issues of migration, education, ageing and retirement, and labour market policies in Singapore. He has also taught in the Department of Economics at the National University of Singapore before joining the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in 2004.

Position: Dean
Education Background: PhD (Economics) Australian National University
Research areas: Globalisation on labour markets impact, economic issues of migration, education, ageing and retirement

Iftikhar Lodhi
Assistant Professor
Dr. Iftikhar joined GSPP in 2016 as an Assistant Professor. His previous position was Assistant Professor (Tenure- track) at National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia. He is interested in public policy (theory, analysis, and evaluation), quantitative and qualitative Research Methods (Stata), international and comparative public policy, international relations and institutions, energy security and climate change, political and regulatory risk analysis.

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: PhD in Public Policy, from LKYSPP, NUS, Singapore
Research Areas: Public Policy (theory, analysis, and evaluation), Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods (Stata),
International and Comparative Public Policy, International Relations and Institutions, Energy Security and Climate Change,
Political and Regulatory Risk Analysis

M Ramesh
Professorial Fellow
Professor PhD

Position: Professor
Education Background: PhD
Research Areas: Ageing, Development policy, Education policy, Health policy, Pensions and social security policy, Policy design and implementation, Social policy

Riccardo Pelizzo
Associate Professor and Vice Dean for Research
Dr Riccardo Pelizzo is an Associate Professor & Vice Dean for Research in the Graduate School of Public Policy at Nazarbayev University. Dr Pelizzo is an internationally recognized political development specialist.
Dr Pelizzo’s research focuses on issues of political development, institutional reform and institutional performance in developing countries. After designing measures and benchmarks for assessing parliaments’ capacity and performance, he is currently devising several diagnostic tools to measure political stability and other dimensions of good governance.

Position: Associate Professor & Vice Dean for Research
Education Background: Ph.D. in Political Science, 2004, The Johns Hopkins University
Research Areas: Political Development, Political Parties, Good Governance, Parliamentary Strengthening, and Anti-corruption

Colin Knox
Professor & Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Colin Knox joined the Graduate School of Public Policy as Professor of Public Policy in 2016. Dr Knox received his doctorate in public policy from Queen’s University Belfast, one of the Russell Group Universities in the United Kingdom.

Position: Professor & Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Education Background: Ph.D., Public Policy, 1989, Queen’s University, Belfast (UK)
Research Areas: Public Sector Reform, Public Management, Public Policy Evaluation and Divided Societies, Public Councils in Kazakhstan, Civil society in Kazakhstan, Quality of Life and Well-being.

Peter Howie
Associate Professor
Peter Howie has joined the Graduate School of Public Policy as an Associate Professor of Economics in 2012.  Prior to accepting his present position, Dr. Howie taught for seven years at Mount Royal University, which is located in Calgary, Canada.  In addition, Peter taught for two years at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research and one year at the University of Montana.

Position: Associate Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., Mineral Economics. 2002, Colorado School of Mines (USA)
Research Areas: Energy and Development issues, Mineral Policy, Research Methods