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GSPP Alumni engagement

An Alumni network has become a powerful and an effective tool in the recruitment strategy for attracting talented and prominent students for the GSPP degree programs and Executive Education programs. GSPP alumni are engaged in both School and NU Open House Days, as well as Orientation weeks. They are GSPP and NU Ambassadors both at local and international levels. We have our Ambassadors in Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and India. They promote the School and University and recruit bright promising students.

Active and valuable involvement of alumni and their employers was noted by the Accreditation Commission of the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA). This positively affected the decision in awarding European accreditation to GSPP Masters programs by the EAPAA in 2019. GSPP expects more involvement of alumni in NASPAA accreditation which is planned for 2020-21.

As good communication matters GSPP regularly updates alumni on upcoming School plans and events. Annual Joint Valedictory Reception and Alumni Reunions is a platform for bringing together all the alumni, updating on School’s mission and expectations, as well as strengthening alumni professional network. This event also serves as a point of contact between fresh graduates and alumni, which might be helpful for further employment of interested ones. A range of SMM platforms help to unite alumni and current students and share information on job opportunities.

GSPP alumni are a bridge between NUGSPP and other Kazakhstani universities in approaching our Faculty to share experience in various areas of research and teaching expertise. Besides this, our alumni help to attract clients to our Executive Education programs. These programs are an important channel of external fund raising and promoting the School.

GSPP Alumni Chapter was established in 2017 to unite all alumni and provide a platform that supports members throughout the country. The Chapter is engaged in social and professional activities to strengthen network among GSPP alumni, current students and School, as well as promote GSPP. Alumni Chapter has its bylaws and GSPP Alumni Committee. Currently, GSPP Alumni Association Public Union is in the process of registration.



Alumni benefits

Benefits of being NU GSPP Alumni:

  • alumni ID card and access to campus;
  • access to NU Sports Center;
  • free library access (reading room);
  • lifelong University e-mail address;
  • automatic and free membership at NU Alumni Association;
  • access to all relevant information on the activities of the NU Alumni Association and participation in the managing affairs of the Association;
  • access to the Career and Advising Center services – professional development services; career counseling, including the assistance in employment and in the organization of internships; graduate application advising (for more details, please click https://alumni.nu.edu.kz/about-nuaa/)
  • Since GSPP encourages lifelong learning, we invite all our Alumni to guest lectures, research seminars and annual conferences of the School;
Starting from 2019 interested GSPP Alumni can apply for Executive Education training courses on a free basis.


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