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By participating in debates, GSPP students will develop their public speaking skills as well as ability to formulate arguments and critically evaluate policies.

18 - 19 April 2018

Research has shown that the principles woven into this workshop represent life objectives. Since the skills can be universally applied and extend beyond culturally-bound values, a program of personal development which centers around honing the core traits introduced in this program will allow participants to become more effective in all their relationships.

Participants will acquire the necessary skills for development of effective policies and trends that affect modern urbanization in developing Asia.


Graduate School of Public Policy offers a wide range of programs for 2018. Please follow the link to learn more about the programs. Contacts: Executive Education Department Graduate School of Public Policy Tel: (+7) 7172 70 91 56, Email: execed.gspp@nu.edu.kz

22 November 2017

Join us for sessions on: Master’s and Ph.D Programs; Policy-Making in the Real World; Life-Changing Public Policy Education – Singapore Component!