NU Graduate School of Public Policy Student’s Team Secures 2nd Place in NASPAA Simulation Competition

The competition, known for its rigorous challenges and esteemed participants, saw Askar’s team excel in demonstrating their policy-making capabilities on a global stage.

We are proud to announce that Askar Tazhanov, a first-year Master of Public Administration (MPA) student at the NU Graduate School of Public Policy (NU GSPP), and his team secured 2nd place finish in the NASPAA Simulation Competition. 

Askar attributed their success to the exceptional education provided by GSPP at Nazarbayev University. He stated, “This achievement was made possible due to the exceptional quality of education I received at the Graduate School of Public Policy (GSPP) at Nazarbayev University”. He firmly believes that their accomplishment showcases the university’s capability to compete for top honors in similar competitions worldwide.

Looking forward, Mr. Tazhanov and his teammates are committed to sharing their insights and strategies by developing a comprehensive guide to succeed in the NASPAA Competition. They aim to mentor and support future generations of GSPP students participating in this esteemed event.

Moreover, Askar expressed confidence in the potential of Nazarbayev University students not only in public policy but also in global law competitions. As a testament to this belief, he announced plans to organize a summer school focusing on moot court competitions. He invites all interested individuals to join this initiative and harness their potential in these fields.

Mr. Tazhanov’s experience in legal competitions was a critical asset to their success in the NASPAA Simulation Competition, highlighting the interdisciplinary strengths of Nazarbayev University students.

This remarkable achievement underscores the dedication and caliber of students at NU GSPP and reaffirms the institution’s commitment to excellence in education and global engagement.

Congratulations to Askar Tazhanov and his team on their remarkable achievement in the NASPAA Competition!