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Weng Tat Hui

Position: Dean
Education Background: PhD (Economics) Australian National University
Research areas: Globalisation on labour markets impact, economic issues of migration, education, ageing and retirement

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Riccardo Pelizzo

Position: Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor
Education Background: Ph.D. in Political Science, 2004, The Johns Hopkins University
Research Areas: Political Development, Political Parties, Good Governance, Parliamentary Strengthening, and Anti-corruption

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Colin Knox

Position: Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., Public Policy, 1989, Queen’s University, Belfast (UK)
Research Areas: Public Sector Reform, Public Management, Public Policy Evaluation and Divided Societies, Public Councils in Kazakhstan, Civil society in Kazakhstan, Quality of Life and Well-being.

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Peter Howie

Position: Associate Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., Mineral Economics. 2002, Colorado School of Mines (USA)
Research Areas: Energy and Development issues, Mineral Policy, Research Methods

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Omer F. Baris

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., Economics. 2012, Georgia State University (USA)
Research Areas: Microeconomics for Public Policy, Applied Political Economy, and Economics, Philosophy and Public Policy

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Aziz Burkhanov

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University (USA)
Research Areas: Nationalism and Identity Theories, Identity Politics

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Saltanat Janenova

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., Social Policy. 2010, University of Edinburgh (UK)
Research Areas: New Public Management in transitional countries, e-government, Public service innovations

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Iftikhar Lodhi

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: PhD in Public Policy, from LKYSPP, NUS, Singapore
Research Areas: Public Policy (theory, analysis, and evaluation), Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods (Stata),
International and Comparative Public Policy, International Relations and Institutions, Energy Security and Climate Change,
Political and Regulatory Risk Analysis

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Serik Orazgaliyev

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., Politics and International Studies, 2016, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (UK)
Research Areas: Law and Public Policy, International Political Economy, Petroleum Resource Management

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Michael R. Waschak

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: PhD., Public Policy, 2009, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta (USA)
Research Areas: Sustainability, Energy and the Environment, Urban Planning, Research Methods

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Yoonbai Kim

Position: Visiting Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., Economics, 1987, Stanford University (USA)
Research Areas: Monetary policy independence and capital controls, international capital movement and financial stability.

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Karl O’Connor

Position: Lecturer
Education Background: PhD (Exeter) MA (Queen’s University, Belfast), BA (Limerick)
Research Areas: Public policy, Conflict management, Administrative reform, Middle Eastern public policy and conflict management, Central Asian public policy

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Estelle Montgomery

Position: Instructor
Education Background: Master of Public Administration, University of Missouri-Kansas City (USA)
Research Areas: Legislative and regulatory fiscal impacts and estimates, public budgeting analysis, policy analysis and research writing for decision makers, public health, health institutions and infrastructure, and English for Public Policy Purposes

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