2021 GSPP Conference on Policy Change and Sectoral Reforms in Eurasia (NUGSPPCONF2021)

Format: Online

Date: 15 – 16 October, 2021

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Public Policy (GSPP) hosted a conference with several panel sessions, keynote speakers and round table discussions. 

The event was designed to provide attendees with opportunities to discuss and find solutions on challenges related to Policy change and sectoral reforms in Eurasia and also create a network with scholars and practitioners by further providing the platform for young researchers and PhD students to present their research outcomes.

The detailed NU GSPP Conference program.

The short NU GSPP Conference program.


Welcome remarks

Day 1. October 15 (Friday)

  Day 2. October 16 (Saturday)

Session 1: Development Challenges in Eurasia

  Session 6: Sectoral Reforms in Eurasia (Early Career Researchers)

Session 2: Policy Processes and Structural Policy Changes in Eurasia

  Session 7: Environmental Challenges in Central Asia

Roundtable 1: Environmental Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility in the context of Sustainable Development in Kazakhstan

  Roundtable 3: Sustainable Land Use Resources and Food Systems in Kazakhstan

Session 3: Policy change and challenges for the energy sector: Regional perspectives and visions to 2050

  Session 8: Public Administration and Institutional Reforms in Eurasia

Session 4: The Effects of the COVID-19 on Public Administration: Lessons Learnt and Perspectives for the Future

  Session 9: Water Desiccation and water resources decline in Eurasia

Roundtable 2: Sustainable Development and Education in the Tertiary Educational Sector in Kazakhstan

  Roundtable 4: Youth and Student Initiatives on Sustainable Development in Kazakhstan

Session 5: Poster session

  Session 10: Poster session

Day 1 Closing Remarks

  Day 2 Closing Remarks


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