GSPP Program Coordinators

The Program Coordinator provides guidance to students on academic progression, matters pertaining to curricular and graduation requirements. Low achieving students are requested to consult the Program Coordinator in order to develop strategies to increase the probability of successful completion of the program.

PhD Program Coordinator 
Dr. Dina Sharipova, Assistant Professor E-mail:
MPP Program Coordinator
Dr. Peter Howie, Associate Professor Email:
MPA Program Coordinator
Dr. Omer Baris, Assistant Professor E-mail:

GSPP Program Managers

The Program Manager supports students on course registration processes and scheduling, implements student engagement policies (including analysis of module/course evaluations (student feedback) at the end of each semester), and organizes and facilitates educational and student events related to the program including Orientation Program, Overseas Component, Exchange Programs and Graduation Ceremony.

PhD Program Manager

Karina Khalilova 

MPP/MPA Program Manager

Madina Kuvanysheva