Colin Knox



Professor & Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Education Background:

Ph.D., Public Policy, 1989, Queen’s University, Belfast (UK)

Research Areas

Public Sector Reform, Public Management, Public Policy Evaluation and Divided Societies, Public Councils in Kazakhstan, Civil society in Kazakhstan, Quality of Life and Well-being.

Contact information

Dr. Colin Knox
Professor of Public Policy
Graduate School of Public Policy
Room 4.017
Nazarbayev University
53 Kabanbay batyr Avenue
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan 010000
Telephone: +7 7172 70 63 50

Colin Knox joined the Graduate School of Public Policy as Professor of Public Policy in 2016. Dr Knox received his doctorate in public policy from Queen’s University Belfast, one of the Russell Group Universities in the United Kingdom. His fields of research include: public sector reform in developed and developing countries; local government; and public policy evaluation. He has also written widely on the politics of divided societies.

Prior to joining Nazarbayev University, Dr. Knox worked at Ulster University in the United Kingdom where he taught modules (Public Administration and Governance, Research Methods and Contemporary Issues in Public Policy) on the Masters in Public Administration Programme. He also led a team which designed the Professional Doctorate Programme (D.Gov) aimed at senior officials working in the public sector.

Dr. Knox also spent 8 years as a practitioner working in local government in the UK prior to joining academia. 

Publications (since 2018)

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Book Chapters

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