NU GSPP participated in “Nauryz Meiramy – 2022” celebration

It was a great pleasure for NU GSPP Faculty and Staff to participate in the performance competition within “Nauryz Meiramy – 2022” celebration that was held at Nazarbayev University (NU) on May 6, 2022.

Each School of NU introduced the old Kazakh traditions. Our School presented a beautiful tradition – meeting of the groom’s and bride’s families – “Syrga Salu” – which literally means “wearing the earrings”.

Professors Colin Knox and Riccardo Pelizzo played the roles of “Bas Kuda” – honored representatives from the bride’s and groom’s family. Professors Dina Sharipova, Hyesong Ha, and Artan Karini played the role of parents. Professor Serik Orazgaliev performed as the MC. Other staff members were involved to play the roles of bribe, groom, and their relatives. The performance presented NU community the process of the new family “otbasy” formation.

Such performances serve to unite NU GSPP international community and promote knowledge about Kazakh traditions. Beyond that it was a good opportunity to celebrate face-to-face, the first warm days in Nur-Sultan after the long winter and no less long pandemic lockdown.

NU GSPP wishes everyone peace and prosperity in the coming year! Nauryz Kutty bolsyn!