Afghanistan and Shifting Geostrategic Landscape: Agenda for Kazakhstan


GSPP and Nazarbayev University’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, together with the Institute of Diplomacy at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan Council on International Relations jointly organized a forum to discuss approaches towards Afghanistan from major external players and also to assess Afghanistan’s impact on the greater Central Asian region. Speakers reflected on internal domestic issues in Afghanistan and foreign policies towards it, as well as the country’s involvement with regional organizations and projects.

Weng Tat Hui, GSPP Dean in his concluding remarks noted that the takeaway from the forum was that “it is important to have regional stability and security to improve the well-being of sovereign states; it is also important to understand the historical context and take into consideration multi-ethnic environment and to implement international development projects that bring stability and promote cooperation in the region. Kazakhstan is a good example of a country that plays a critical role in balancing different powers in the region, manages diversity well and promotes inclusive growth and democratization. In order to do this we need well-trained and knowledgeable leaders, and this is where our School plays its important role. ”