Recap of the NU GSPP Policy Simulation Competition: Pandemic 2.0!

On March 9, 2024, the NU GSPP Alumni Chapter, with the support of NU GSPP, hosted an extraordinary event on the NASPAA platform, marking a celebration of our program’s accreditation and NASPAA membership. 

About NASPAA Simulation Competition:

This annual event, organized by NASPAA, brings together MPA and MPP students worldwide, challenging them to showcase their policy-making skills in an innovative and challenging way. With 400-500 students from 100-150 accredited universities participating each year, it’s a global platform for learning and competition.

NU GSPP’s Involvement:

As a regular attendee, NU GSPP proudly nominates up to 3 students annually to compete in the NASPAA Simulation Competition. This year, the NU GSPP Alumni Chapter took the initiative to organize a similar challenge for 20 current students and alumni – providing an intellectually stimulating platform for hands-on policy-making experience.

The Challenge:

Participants formed 4 teams of 4 members each, engaging in a game that simulated a policy-making challenge. From managing economic impacts of a deadly outbreak to handling political fallout, negotiating international assistance, honing crisis management skills, and navigating policymaking in times of crisis – each team faced a diverse set of challenges.

Winners and Congratulations:

The performance of each team was meticulously evaluated by the game’s algorithm and judges. Today, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winning teams!  Your dedication, creativity, and strategic thinking have set you apart. We wish you continued success on your future endeavors!

A special thank you to all participants, organizers, and supporters for making this event a remarkable success!