Kazakhstan’s future policy leaders working for you

The Master in Public Policy Program (MPP) and the Master in Public Administration Program (MPA) at Nazarbayev University’s Graduate School Public Policy (GSPP) invites you to participate in our internship program.

NU GSPP’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people in Kazakhstan and Central Asia by training leaders to improve governance through excellence in teaching and research. Since its launch in 2012, NU GSPP has maintained a strong strategic partnership with the National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Together they have been worked closely to establish NU GSPP as the public policy school of choice in Central Asia. NU GSPP’s degree programs include the MPP, MPA, and the PhD in Public Policy. Students come from the public sector, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. NU GSPP’s faculty are actively engaged in research in civil service reforms, modernization of the public service, natural resources management, policy analysis, sustainable development solutions, advocacy and consultancy to government institutions and international organizations on a wide range of public policy/administration issues in Kazakhstan and beyond.

As a partner in the internship program you will have the opportunity to provide students with real-world experience that is critical to their learning and development—and you will be building important relationships with the brightest policy students in Kazakhstan.

MPP and MPA students receive a solid theoretical grounding in the policy issues that affect Kazakhstan today. In joining with us to provide students with practical experience, you are helping students to make the link between knowledge and application, critical for the future of good governance in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.


What can an MPP or MPA intern do for you?

The MPP is a two-year professional program while the MPA is a 17-month program. Both programs help student develop the knowledge and skills to be public leaders. Our first-year cohort (over 60 students) represents a variety of academic backgrounds, from both Kazakhstani and international universities. After a rigorous first year core curriculum, students can add value to your organization in the following ways

  • policy formation and development
  • quantitative and qualitative research
  • strategic implementation
  • communication and performance management
  • program design and evaluation
  • statistical and economic analysis
  • benefit cost analysis


Internship Goals and Objectives

NU GSPP internships are intended to expose interns to and give them hands-on experience with a broad range of activities and issues related to public administration and public policy. It is anticipated that the intern’s work will include:

  • Opportunities to learn first-hand the nature of organization, including the internal workings, the reporting and structure, legislation and interface with the political system;
  • Exposure to or direct involvement in budget development; strategic planning and reporting; policy and program development and the migration of this development to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation stages of policy;
  • Opportunities to learn about organization’s processes and management; and
  • First-hand experience in the day-to-day activities of organization, such as preparing memos and briefing notes, preparing decision items and conducting research.


Why Hire an Intern?

Recruit from a highly competitive candidate pool.

Hire skilled students from one of the best public policy schools in Kazakhstan and the region.


Introduce your organization to future policy leaders.

Our students provide benefits to employers by giving access to:

  • a fresh and youthful perspective on projects and decision-making;
  • a resource with the latest thinking in public policy; and
  • potential future employees.


Connect with cutting-edge research and extensive resources and knowledge.

Participation in this program can be a good start for a mutually beneficially relationship between you, NU GSPP and our internationally-renowned faculty.

Recruiting MPP/MPA Interns

2022 Internship Timeline & Program Details                             


If you are interested in becoming a partnering organization and mentoring an intern, we ask that you to contact NU GSPP’s Internship Coordinator at gspp_internship@nu.edu.kz.


We suggest setting up interviews typically two weeks after contacting the NU GSPP Coordinator; option to utilize our on campus interview rooms or zoom accounts.


Minimum 4.5 weeks, Maximum 6 weeks (180 – 240 working hours); earliest start date is May 23, 2022 and all internships should be completed by July 15, 2022; internships may be completed in-person or remotely; internships may be paid or unpaid.



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