Ethics and Public Policy

Expected dates of the program

February 25-26, 2021

Program overview

This seminar will introduce participants to key concepts in program evaluation and a variety of research methods for evaluating public policies and programs. Participants will learn about different types of program evaluation, including needs assessment, process/implementation evaluation, outcome/effectiveness evaluation, and impact evaluation. Additionally, participants will have a chance to gain practical experience through in-class exercises on indicator development, conceptual framework design, and evaluation plan development.  The seminar will also expose participants to case studies of policy and program evaluations.

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Day 1 (PM)



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Dina Sharipova, Instructor

Dina Sharipova – Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Political Science (Indiana University, Bloomington). She worked as a Research Director of the College of Social Sciences, (KIMEP University, 2016-2018) and served on the Board of the European Society for Central Asian (2016-2019). Currently, Dr. Sharipova is a member of the editorial board of Central Asian Survey. Dr. Sharipova has taught courses on Research Design and Methodology, Advanced Qualitative Methods, Ethics in Public Policy, and other. Her research interests include nation and state-building, formal and informal institutions, identity politics, and social capital and
well-being in Central Asia.

Tel: (+7) 7172 70 91 56