PhD in Public Policy

Starting from 2017 GSPP launches its first doctorate level degree – PhD in Public Policy (a 4-year program). The aims of the PhD Public Policy program are:

  1. To provide a doctoral program of international standing which will attract high calibre candidates who will make a contribution to applied public policy.
  2. To contribute to the economic and social welfare of Kazakhstan through the supply of outstanding doctoral graduates in public policy with functional expertise in these areas.
  3. To build sustainability into the higher education sector in Kazakhstan through the provision of future faculty trained to international standards of teaching and research.
  4. To strengthen the research base of decision making in the public sector in Kazakhstan through the supply of highly trained researchers.
  5. To add to existing scholarship on public policy in Central Asia through peer-reviewed publications emanating from the work of PhD students/graduates.
  6. To raise the profile of GSPP as a School well-known for its research and scholarship.

The program structure comprises: 10 core courses, 2 electives, a thesis proposal and PhD qualifying examination taken the first two years, followed by the thesis preparation and written submission in years 3 & 4.  The two elective modules will be drawn from an existing list of approved courses currently available at Masters level in GSPP but with different learning outcomes and assessment strategies. The overall 4-year program equates to 240 ECTS. For more information, please follow the link.