NU GSPP Webinar with Giliberto Capano “Deciding under fog and time pressure”


During the Covid19 pandemic all the governments have faced with (apparent) dilemmas under time pressure like: economy vs. public health, individual freedom vs. societal safety, suppression (‘let’s kill it!’) vs. mitigation (‘let’s try to live with it!’). In framing these apparent dilemmas, decision-makers have tried to find an equilibrium over time among uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity.   Complex decisions with high uncertainty and high ambiguity involve trade-offs. that one must be aware of. Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. Opting to tackle only one horn of the dilemmas will incur a cost that is to be paid sooner or later. 


Giliberto Capano is Professor of Public Policy at the University of Bologna, Italy. He is an editor of the international journal Policy and Society, a founder of the International Public Policy Association, and actually he is member of the Executive Committee of the European Political Consortium of Political Research. He specializes in public administration, public policy analysis, and comparative higher education. His research focuses on governance dynamics and performance in higher education and education, policy design and policy change, policy instruments’ impact, the social role of political science, the policy impact of Covid-19, and leadership as an embedded function of policy making. His recent books are: Changing Governance in Universities: Italian Higher Education in Comparative Perspective (co-authored with M. Regini and M. Turri; Palgrave, 2016);  A modern Guide to Public Policy (coedited with M. Howlett, Edward Elgar,  2020); Convergence and Diversity in the Governance of Higher Education (co-edited with D. Jarvis, Cambridge University Press, 2020).



Watch the full video from the past NU GSPP Webinar: