NU GSPP hosted PhD Thesis Proposal Defense, Mid-Year PhD, and Final Thesis presentations

Last week was a significant and memorable time for NU GSPP PhD students. The 2nd year students had their Thesis Proposal Defense presentations, 3rd year students – Mid-Year PhD presentations, while 4th year students presented and defended their Final Thesis research.

Facing a defense can be stressful, but we recommend our PhD students to think of it as an opportunity to share what they have learned. During a defense, faculty members and invited guests ask the student questions that require the student to think critically about his or her research.      

It is important to keep in mind that if the student goes into a defense with the right attitude and preparation, crossing the hurdle and passing with flying colors becomes much easier. In general, students have months to prepare for a defense.

Assel Bekenova, PhD 2nd year student noted that the Thesis Proposal Defense presentation is “the first step of the great research journey. NU GSPP professors’ recommendations are very valuable and helpful. The topics chosen for the PhD thesis are relevant to the realities of Kazakhstan. I believe that with adequate knowledge, skills and good supervision, the selected theoretical framework and the methodology will improve the quality of research, and the results will bring benefits to the state. I wish my groupmates patience and perseverance in the difficult scientific journey!”

NU GSPP launched its first doctorate level degree – PhD in Public Policy, a 4-year program – in 2017.

The aims of the PhD Public Policy program are (1) to provide a doctoral program of international standing which will attract high caliber candidates who will make a contribution to applied public policy; (2) to contribute to the economic and social welfare of Kazakhstan through the supply of outstanding doctoral graduates in public policy with functional expertise in these areas; (3) to build sustainability into the higher education sector in Kazakhstan through the provision of future faculty trained to international standards of teaching and research; (4) to strengthen the research base of decision making in the public sector in Kazakhstan through the supply of highly trained researchers; (5) to add to existing scholarship on public policy in Central Asia through peer-reviewed publications emanating from the work of PhD students/graduates; (6) to raise the profile of GSPP as a School well-known for its research and scholarship.

To apply to the PhD Public Policy program contact us: