Learning Singapore’s way


A week long programme included interactive classroom sessions, case studies and learning journeys.

Distinguished guest speakers of the module were:
– Ambassador Lam Chuan Leong, former permanent secretary and the chairperson to a number of statutory boards as National Science and Technology Board, the Information and Communication Development Authority of Singapore, and the Competition Commission of Singapore;
– David Ma, Independent Consultant and former Director at Prime Minister’s Office.

Intensive and blended a week long module focused on various aspects of Singapore’s public policy developments.

Students obtained firsthand information and knowledge on Performance assessment in the Singapore Civil Service and the key success factors for Singapore’s economic growth.

Peculiarity of the module is the learning journeys to the projects and organisations where mainstream policies are developed and implemented.

Visits to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Housing and Development Board demonstrated students the strategic approach of Singaporean government in modernizing the city, making it citizen- and eco-friendly, maintaining a high-quality infrastructure.