From Heart to Heart – Nurly Zhurek

NU GSPP has been supporting the Municipal Institution «Social Service Center «Nurly Zhurek» of Akimat of Nur-Sultan since 2019. It has become the School’s good tradition to present New Year gifts to the children who are getting the treatment in the Center. 

The Center was opened in 1981 as the Orphanage for children with health disabilities. In 2005, the orphanage was renamed to the Children’s mental health social institution of Akimat of Astana. In 2006, the Institution launched a daycare service. The Center is on full state support and supplies the medical services for 120 disabled children at the age of 3 to 18 years old. 

The Center aims to create favorable conditions for the development of the potential of the children and their socialization in society. It’s mission is to habilitate, adapt, and correct deficiencies in mental and physical development of the children.

This year our staff visited the Center at the eve of the 30 anniversary of the State’s Independence and provided the Institution with the New Year celebration facilities. We sincerely hope that our little contribution will make the New Year’s eve full of joy and let children believe that miracles happen! We wish them good health and may all their dreams come true!