First Water Forum in Kazakhstan – IWA Specialist Group on Statistics and Economics


International Water Association (IWA), the largest water-related association worldwide, posted an article providing a snapshot of urban water management in Kazakhstan and the outcome of the First Water Forum along the GSPP Conference in October, 2019:

The urbanisation trend is an undeniable fact worldwide in large and small cities all over the globe.

Water supply and sanitation are two of the most fundamental pillars for the sustainability of city inhabitants. Many cities in Central Asia are facing the same urbanisation trend situation by exerting high pressure on water supply and wastewater services (WWS).

In the case of Kazakhstan, water supply and wastewater services (WWS) systems also currently face major challenges on the continuous and uninterrupted provision of services. Rapid urbanisation, aged infrastructure, water scarcity, and poor water quality are some of the challenges to be currently addressed. 

Source with the full text of the article is here