Digitalization of healthcare reform


Dr. Olzhas Abishev, Vice Minister of Healthcare of Kazakhstan, held a lecture at GSPP on digitalization of healthcare reform and associated issues on 25 January 2019.

Dr. Olzhas Abishev is an economist, information technology scientist, and a lawyer. He began his career in 2000. In different years, he worked in JSC Kazagromarketing, JSC NC Kazakstan Garysh Sapary, JSC National Information Technologies, JSC National Medical Holding, JSC Center for Medical Technologies and Information Systems, JSC Center for Military Strategic Studies, JSC Astana Innovations, Turan Astana University, as well as in commercial structures. From September 2017 until his appointment as the Vice Minister of Healthcare, he was a director general of the Republican Center for Electronic Health of the Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan, overseeing the digitization processes of healthcare.

Dr. Olzhas Abishev provided an overview of the process of healthcare system digitalization. In particular, he mentioned that reforming the medicines’ purchasing system would allow saving money for the budget; also, citizens of Kazakhstan can receive medical certificates from psychological and drug clinics online.