Cultural Night at the LKYSPP

On September 16, after two years of the pandemic, NU GSPP strategic partner Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy celebrated Cultural Night themed “Back Together Again.” The event was organized by the LKYSPP student cohort and reflected the value of the Singaporean international community. All participants presented their booths showcasing unique cultural heritage through food, games, and apparel.

Our MPP students – Meruyert Adylgazina, Moldir Atenova, and Laura Maitanova – who started their student exchange program in Singapore this semester also participated in the event. They represented Kazakhstan in the Central Asian booth with students from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Later that night, LKYSPP students showed their talents in cultural performances, dances, and songs. As a student from Kazakhstan, Meruyert played the famous kui “Adai” on the national Kazakh instrument dombra. She noted: “The audience welcomed me with a loud round of applause. It surely was a warm welcome and a memorable start to the school term”.