COVID-19 and Kazakhstan’s Electricity Requirements Webinar by GSPP Associate Professor and GSPP PhD student on September 7 (Monday) at 18:00 (Nur-Sultan time)

We invite all to the COVID-19 and Kazakhstan’s Electricity Requirements webinar by GSPP Associate Professor Peter Howie and GSPP PhD student Daulet Akhmetov on September 7 (Monday) at 18:00 (Nur-Sultan time). 

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Date and time: September 7 (Monday) at 18:00 (Nur-Sultan time).

Similar to all industries, the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the power industry in all countries.  While the short-term effects of COVID-19 pandemic have had minimal supply-side effects with no reports on related power supply disruptions, the sector has experienced major demand-side effects through rapid contraction of economic activities.  Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic may have  substantial long-term impacts on the development of the world’s power industry because of the reassessment of traditional concepts such as the role of government in the power sector, energy security, climate change, and energy saving. In the article “Coronavirus and power industry response: the case of Kazakhstan” published in the International Association of Energy Economics’ Energy Forum, Daulet Akhmetov and Peter Howie, from Nazarbayev University’s Graduate School of Public Policy, examine the Kazakhstani power industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  During the webinar, authors will provide interesting insights to a power industry operating within new global challenges. Webinar will also highlight how the COVID-19 pandemic has both short- and long-term impacts on the country’s power industry.

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