Congratulations on the start of the Fall Semester!

At the NU GSPP, the Fall semester begins mid-August and runs through the beginning of December. This year NU GSPP welcomed to its community  the 10th MPP intake with 37 students, 9th MPA intake with 30 students, and 6th PhD intake with 13 students. The School also has nine new international students across three programs from China, Hungary, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. 

Welcoming new students, Dean Weng Tat Hui stressed that they had chosen the best public policy school in Central Asia, whose Masters’ programs are fully accredited by the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA). He expressed the hope that newcomers joined the NU GSPP community not to collect one more degree but that they aim for the noble purpose of better understanding the meaning of ‘Good Governance Matters’ and acquiring the necessary skills to achieve this for the benefit of society. 

The School hosted Orientation week for new students, designed to provide them with relevant information about the University and the School. The 1st year MPP, MPA, and PhD students explored programs’ requirements and modules. They met with the Program coordinators and managersFaculty members, GSPP Subject Librarian (Yelizaveta Kamilova), Student Council president (Mohammad Habib Abdullah), Alumni Chapter representative (Yersin Anuarbek), and the School alumni. 

The alumni shared their learning experiences and tips with newcomers. Temirlan Yergaziyev (MPP’20) recommended studying hard from the beginning, being prepared for the lectures beforehand, and choosing wisely the topic of the future PAEs and Master’s projects. Mikhail Assafov (MPA’2022) stressed the importance of networking. Namely, he advised them to value their group mates and “try to know each other better, support each other, and motivate each other.” Anara Makatova (PhD’2022) urged at every moment of doubt to remember that everything is doable and encouraged everyone to catch all opportunities that the University offers. 

On behalf of the NU GSPP Team, we congratulate the Faculty members, students, and all NU Graduate School of Public Policy community on the beginning of the New Academic year. Let it bring new knowledge and discoveries, as well as new challenges and success.