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Journal Articles 2014
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Publish book chapters 2016
  • Pelizzo R., 2016. “Alcune considerazioni sul giallo” in A. Napoli, R. Pelizzo and D. Carabotta, Il dottor Bolt e altri racconti, Piacenza, Ellade, pp. 9-17.
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Publish book chapters 2015
  • Pelizzo R., Araral E., Burkhanov A., Chen Y-W., Janenova S. and Collins N., 2015. Capacity and Autonomy: An Exploration of Fukuyama’s Governance Hypothesis. In: Giliberto Capano, Michael Howlett and M. Ramesh, (eds.) Varieties of governance, Basingstoke: Palgrave, pp. 173-193.
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Publish book chapters 2014
  • Burkhanov, A., & Sharipova, D., 2014. Kazakhstan’s civic-national identity: Ambiguous policies and points of resistance. In M.Y.Omelicheva, ed. National ism and identity construction in Central Asia: Dimensions, dynamics, and directions. Lanham: Lexington Books, pp. 21- 36.
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Publish book chapters 2013
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