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Visiting professors

Aray Ilyassova-Schoenfeld

Position: Post-Doctoral Scholar
Education Background: Ph.D in Public Policy, The university of Nottingham, UK
Research Areas: Public Policy (Policy Transfer, Policy Convergence, Policy Learning, Lesson-Drawing, Policy Diffusion), Education Policy (Higher Education, the Bologna Process), Policy-Making in post-Soviet countries

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Basskaran Nair

Position: Visiting Professor
Education Background: Masters
Research Areas: Marketing, PR, Public Policy

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Kenneth Paul Tan

Position: Vice Dean (Academic Affairs) & Associate Professor
Education Background: Ph.D., Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK
Research Areas: Cities and urban policies, Education policy, Ethnicity and religion in Southeast Asia, Performance management and public values, Public-private partnerships, Singapore international relations, Singapore social policy, Social policy

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Eduardo Araral

Position: Vice Dean for Research and Associate Professor
Education Background: PhD (Public Policy) Indiana University-Bloomington
Research Areas: Climate change, Decentralisation and federalism, Regulatory policy, Sustainable development, Water management, governance and policy

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Zeger van der Wal

Position: Assistant Dean (Research) & Associate Professor
Education Background: PhD (Public Administration), VU University Amsterdam
Research Areas: Performance management and public values, Public-private partnerships

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Shreekant Gupta

Position: Adjunct Professor
Education Background: PhD (Economics), University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA
Research Areas: Environment, Natural resources, Energy and urban issues, Microeconomics and Econometrics

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M Ramesh

Position: Professor
Education Background: PhD
Research Areas: Ageing, Development policy, Education policy, Health policy, Pensions and social security policy, Policy design and implementation, Social policy

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Phua Kai Hong

Position: Visiting Professor
Education Background: PhD (LSE), SM, AB cum laude (Harvard) University
Research Areas: Comparative Health Systems and Policies, Health Sector Reform, Public Health Management, Social Policy Evaluation

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Naomi Aoki

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: PhD in Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs in Syracuse, the United States
Research Areas: Administrative and Public Sector Reform, Decentralisation and Federalism

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Leong Ching

Position: Assistant Professor
Education Background: Master of Arts (Journalism), University of London, MBA in Information Technology, Surrey University, MA in Philosophy, National University of Singapore
Research Areas: Policies of Asia, Water Policy, Public Policy

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Nuno Delicado

Position: Lecturer
Education Background: Master in Sports Management from Université Claude Bernard in Lyon and an MBA with distinction from INSEAD
Research Areas: Negotiation, Dialogue, Facilitation and Consensus Building

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