Book presentation with Dr. Rano Turaeva: “Labour, Mobility and Informal Practices in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe”


The book explores the daily survival strategies of people within the context of failed states, flourishing informal economies, legal uncertainty, increased mobility, and globalization, where many people, who are forced by the circumstances to be innovative and transnational, have found their niches outside formal processes and structures. The book provides a thorough theoretical introduction to the link between labour mobility and informality and comprises convincing case studies from a wide range of post-socialist countries. Overall, it highlights the importance of trust, transnational networks, and digital technologies in settings where the rules governing economic and social activities of mobile workers are often unclear and flexible.



Dr. Rano Turaeva is a habilitating candidate at the Ludwig Maximillian University and an associated researcher at Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle Saale in Germany. She is currently working on the second book on Migration and Islam in Russia. She edited a book with Rustamjon Urinboyev titled: “Labour, Mobility and Informal practices in Russia: Power, Institutions and Mobile Actors in Transnational Space” published in 2021 by Routledge. She has been writing on the topics of migration, entrepreneurship, informal economies, gender, border studies, identity and inter-ethnic relations among many other topics which she published in such journals as Inner Asia, Communist and post-Communist studies, Sociology of Islam, Central Asian Affairs, Central Asian Survey, Anthropology of Middle East among other journals. Her book based on her PhD thesis is out with Routledge in 2016 under the title `Migration and Identity: the Uzbek Experience`.




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