Format: Online

Date: 15 – 17 October, 2020

Extended paper proposal deadline: August 1, 2020

(min. 500 words – max. 1,000 words)

Full paper submission deadline: September 25, 2020

(min. 6,000 words – max. 10,000 words)

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Public Policy (GSPP) will host the 4th international conference on Sustainable Development Goals in Central Asia and the challenges of COVID-19 in online format. Online conference will include several panel sessions, keynote speakers and round table discussions. 

This event is designed to provide attendees with opportunities to discuss and find solutions on challenges related to Sustainable Development Goals in the era of post-COVID Central Asia and also create a network with scholars and practitioners by further providing the platform for young researchers and PhD students to present their research outcomes.

GSPP Conference is an annual event that is aimed to provide attendees of academic and professional political communities with quality educational and networking opportunities focused on various areas of public policy and public administration. GSPP Conference is a communication platform designed for academics, young scholars, practitioners and researchers. The first GSPP Conference on “Good Governance and economic diversification in resource rich economies” was organized in 2017 in a format of international conference. The second Conference in 2018 on “Contemporary issues in public administration in post-soviet Eurasia” was regional and was mostly focused on CIS region and Central Asia & Caucasus.  Year by year the number of participants in GSPP Conference is growing. The 2019 GSPP Conference on “Risk, rationality and resilience” was held on October 10-12 and gathered 181 participants from 15 countries. 

Chair of the Conference, Riccardo Pelizzo, GSPP Professor and Vice Dean for research noted that the GSPP Conference has always followed the world’s global challenges and emerging topics. According to Professor Riccardo Pelizzo, despite moving the conference to the online format this year, the goal and mission of providing crucial discussions, presenting innovative research and finding feasible solutions.

Panel sessions:

  • Sustainable Development and Governance
  • Urbanization and smart cities 
  • Gender equality and Sustainable development
  • Poverty, inequality and inclusive growth 
  • Policies and Politics of development
  • Climate and Global environmental change challenges and policies
  • Disaster risk management and policy initiatives

Information about Conference’s Advisory Board and the Keynote Speaker is posted here: https://gspp.nu.edu.kz/en/2020-gspp-conference-program/

Key dates:

Submission of paper proposal – August 1, 2020

Notification of results – August 15, 2020

Full paper submission deadline – September 25, 2020

Registration deadline – September 30, 2020

Conference – 15- 17 October 2020


To participate in the Conference please register online via https://gspp.nu.edu.kz/en/register/ 

Registration fee for all types of participants is – 2,000 kzt (~ US $5).

Nazarbayev University Community including faculty, staff, students and also students of other Kazakhstani universities are exempted from the conference registration fee. 

To submit paper proposal and full paper tap the link: https://gspp.nu.edu.kz/en/online-submission/

Please register first to receive promo code for online submission

For any further information please contact the Conference Secretariat: gsppconference@nu.edu.kz