2019 GSPP Conference on Risk Rationality and Resilience

2019 GSPP Conference on Risk, Rationality and Resilience was held on October 10-12. 181 participants from 15 countries. First water urban management forum with the participants from International Water Association. Conference was covered by Kazakh
TV and Elorda Aqparat media and visited by more than 200 guests, participants and students.

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Public Policy (GSPP) hosted the third annual International GSPP Conference dedicated to the topic “Risk rationality and resilience” with several panel sessions, key-note speakers and a sightseeing tour of Astana city, Kazakhstan. This year GSPP Conference is aimed to provide attendees with a valuable communication platform to establish international network and present their research.

Panel sessions:

1. Challenges in Central Asia: between Politics and Policy
2. Comparative Public Management Reforms
3. Counter-terrorism/Anti-terrorism: Policies, Strategies, Measures
4. National Identity
5. Teaching Public Policy in Central Asia
6. Political Economy of Transition Economies
7. Game theory in Public Policy
8. Resource Shocks, Employment, and Inequality
9. Inclusive Growth, Financial Openness and Macroeconomic Stability in Emerging Market and Transition Economies
10. Anticorruption
11. Water Policy